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Leading the way in patient care......

Ash Surgery

Chilton Place
Telephone: 01304 812227
Fax: 01304 813788



16TH October 2019


Present: Graham Foat (Chairman), Sue Skinner (Practice Manager), Susan Hudson, Liz Rath, George Legate, Rhona Hunter, Christine Sterba, Irene Elliott, Rhona Hunter, Jan Butcher, Vivienne Kennedy (Minutes).

Introductions -  it was noted that there was a very good attendance! 


Minutes of Last Meeting


Magazines.  These should have been permanently removed but it was noted that some had crept back into the waiting room.  Touch screen also discussed as being an infection control issue.  PPG called for magazines to be removed permanently and this will be done and reviewed next time.


Public Reference Group – it was explained that this Group is a forum for PPGs, held in 3 CCGs – Canterbury, Thanet and South Kent – involved in giving information on transformation plans such as new hospitals.  This information can be accessed on the Canterbury & Coastal website so not necessary to attend the meetings.


Measles  – all surgery immunisations for all staff are up to date and a campaign has been run to try and get all patients up to date also.  There are just a few outstanding importance of this has been stressed to them, now that the UK has lost its measles free status.


Training Practice for GPs – Dr Janany Sathisivam is nearly at end of her 4 months rotation she has been a great asset to the surgery.  Another doctor will join us for next 4 months rotation and so on.  These doctors are sent to us by the University  and are in their 2nd year after qualifying.


Paramedic, Richard Simmons – will not now be taking up the role of advanced nurse practitioner but Ash Surgery will be recruiting an advanced nurse practitioner in addition. 


Registering as a new Patient – photo ID is needed to register.


Parish Magazine

CS requested that we send magazine article to put in Staple Magazine – It was agreed this would be done.  SS said she was happy to write a monthly up- date.


Garden – it was agreed that this was much better now that a local gardener is   maintaining it.


The Hospital has been emailed asking for Dr Smith and now Dr Armstrong to be taken off letters but it seems that the names still remain!


PCN (Primary Care Network)

Under the New contract for 2019/20 Ash Surgery is part of a new primary care network of 6 practices. The PCN network will work together to help commission and develop new services and bring in associated health professionals such as medics, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, social prescribers and occupational therapists.   This is known as CARE in Thanet (Coastal and Rural East Kent) which includes surgeries in Birchington, Westgate, St. Peter’s, Broadstairs and Minster.


Ash Surgery chose not to join with  Sandwich  as the two  practices had merged and the worry was that  Ash, now  a third of their combined size,  would not have a say.


Changes within the Practice

Dr Pal left the practice at the end of August and we are in the process of replacing him and will try to recruit a male doctor to even the balance in the partnership as we already have two lady doctors.  We are also looking to recruit a nurse practitioner and more admin staff.


There is no problem with appointments as we have a regular locum doctor, Dr Lynne Wright, and Dr Lambie is now working full time.  On the days that both Dr Lambie and Dr Fox are in surgery Monday, Wednesday and Friday  - one works from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm and the other  from 12 – 6 pm.


On Tuesdays – alongside a physiotherapy service from 5-8 pm, Dr Fox is doing extended access from 6 pm – 8 pm for people who cannot get to the surgery in normal hours.


In addition, on Tuesdays the Physiotherapist has one appointment at 7.30 am.  Doreen, Health Care Assistant , has two appointments at 7.30 am for bloods, BP, BMI, Monday – Thursday.  The surgery doors are open from 7.30 am every week day apart from Friday


Googie is our home visiting paramedic.


It was discussed that Dr Pal leaving could trigger a CQC inspection.  These are normally every 5 years as long as the CQC is satisfied there has been no change in the ratings. 


LR asked if the names and roles of staff at the practice could be put up in the waiting room.

The PPG also requested that  information regarding the surgery  could be provided for the village hall and pub as not everyone reads the parish magazine or looks at the website,   SS said she was happy to provide this.



Privacy at reception window – it was discussed that there is no space for a private conversation with the receptionist and on occasion other patients can invade the space.  SS to ask reception team to be aware of this and request that  patients   waiting in the queue stand back.


Urgent Appointments - It was discussed that it should not occur that patients cannot get an urgent appointment. Patients will only be signposted to A&E or Deal Minor Injuries  if appropriate.


Wheelchair – it was noted that there is no wheelchair at the surgery.  SS will investigate as there should be.


Another change

At the moment patients can see one of our GPs every 3rd Saturday (since 1/4/19) but going forward as part of the PCN our GPs are not offering Saturday appointments.


Thanet runs a GP led service based at QEQM called IC24 from 8 am to 8 pm Saturday and Sunday and our receptionists will be able to book into this.


SH asked - should  PPG members be identified?  It was advised that if they wish they could let people know that they as a group are representing ALL patients,  and patients could let them know what services they think are lacking, what they want to have or happen etc.   


Housebound patients discussed.  All housebound patients should contact the surgery and if appropriate will be coded as housebound and be entitled to home visits.


Incontinence pads (unopened) – it was asked if unused pads, medication and unwanted crutches could be sent abroad via the Charity in Sandwich (if it is still in operation).  It was discussed that medication should be returned to the pharmacy, unwanted equipment should be returned to the NHS.  Regarding the pads, SS would check with the district nurses and SH will investigate if the Charity can still take them.


Pharmacy 4U discussed – not applicable to Ash Surgery.


Concern re Boots in Ash as 80 stores are closing – it was felt that Ash is not one of these.


Blood tests discussed – It was explained that Ash would not be able to provide a sit and wait service.

Medication reviews – patients are normally informed in advance that they need blood tests done before a medication review.


Date of next meeting 

Wednesday, 12th February, 2.30 pm






Present:  Graham Foat  (Chairman), Sue Skinner (Practice Manager) George Legate, Rhona Hunter, Irene Elliott, Jan Butcher, Len Rogers (Parish Council), Vivienne Kennedy (Minutes).


Len Rogers attended from the Parish Council.


Minutes of last meeting

Magazines – it was noted that there were still some in the waiting room but it was explained that these are the free healthcare magazines and it would not be possible to dispose of all literature and leaflets in the waiting room. 


PCN Update

Ash Surgery is now part of the CARE (Coastal and Rural East Kent) PCN Group and is now signed up with 5 GP practices, namely Minster, Birchington, Broadstairs Medical Practice, St. Peter’s  & Westgate.  Ash Surgery is  now providing ’ Improved Access’ hours in conjunction with these practices.    These hours are out of normal GP hours from 5 pm until 8 pm.


What does Improved Access means for patients:   Ash patients now have access to the above 5 practices and their patients  have access to Ash Surgery appointments  - Monday to Friday 5 pm until 8 pm.   In the event that  patients cannot get an appointment at Ash,  they can be booked into one of the 5 other practices by our Receptionists.


IC24 is an Extended Clinical Service based at the QEQM providing out of hours and weekend appointment s.   Monday – Friday 18.30 – 08.00 and Weekends 08.00 -08.00.  This is a consultant led clinic where patients may see either  a consultant, GP, advanced nurse practitioner or a pharmacist.



Ash Surgery can  book timed appointments into this service if a patient needs to be seen after  6.30 pm or over the weekend.  


Alternatively patients can access this service by calling NHS 111.

If NHS 111 concludes that you need to be seen by a Primary Care Clinician and this falls outside your GPs normal opening hours, then your details will be passed to the Out of Hours service. 

Depending on your clinical need you may:

  • receive telephone advice from one of our clinicians
  • receive a phone call from our receptionist who will arrange an appointment for you to come and be seen at one of our bases
  • or if you meet our home visiting criteria then a home visit may be offered to you

It was noted that there is a similar service, UCC, at KCH which also offers a very good service.


Advertisement of  Changes in the Practice

It was agreed that it is very important that any changes and new services need to be advertised as much as possible so that patients are aware. 


Prescriptions now take 72 hours to process by the Surgery but the PPG said that some patients were not aware of this. 


Currently any changes are put on the website and  printed on the right hand side of prescriptions.   Bulk texting of  patients  was discussed, although it was noted not everyone has a mobile phone and not all patient’s mobile phone numbers are up to date.


Advertising in the Parish Magazine and a Poster in Ash Pharmacy was discussed.

Also a local group called Good Companions meet once a month at the village hall and it was suggested this may be a good way of disseminating information about the surgery.


Sit and wait clinic (pilot).

The doctors are hoping to trial a sit and wait clinic for 1 month (starting after Easter) where patients can see a  GP or Richard, the Emergency Care Practitioner.  These would be 10 minute appointments to discuss one problem only.  Patients will be able to phone the surgery in the morning and if they need to see a doctor on that day they will be able to come into the surgery and wait to be seen.  This would be within a 2.5 hour slot from 8 am – 10.30 am with 10 am being the cut off time and it would be on a first come first served basis.  Routine appointments would then be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings.


It was agreed by the PPG that this would be a good way forward and would help to increase access to GPs.


Patient Surveys

The GPs  asked the PPG  if anyone would be interested in undertaking patient satisfaction surveys which would involve coming into the surgery and asking patients to fill in questionnaires,  Rhona, Irene, Jan expressed an interest in helping with this.


HC Reference Group

The  PPG were asked if anyone would be interested in attending this meeting which is a meeting with  PPG Chairs, held  once every 6 weeks, with  Clive Hart, from the Council and Katy Blisset, from the CCG.  This Group aims to provide information about local services that are being commissioned and they are very active with changes going on within East Ken t Hospitals.  The Group  meet at  Thanet District offices in Margate.  Jan, Irene and George said they would be interested in attending.


Any other business

Jan asked if we had a wheelchair?  The current one is still out for repair.   Jan offered to look into getting one.


It was discussed that Ash Surgery were looking to recruit another GP, preferably male, and a Nurse Practitioner but this has been very difficult, despite advertising widely.   There is a shortage of GPs in East Kent.


However, we may have a regular male locum GP starting soon. We also have a male  FY2 (already qualified registrar GP on 3 year rotation) starting who will be with us for 4 months.  Dr Lambie will be the supervising doctor.



Ash Surgery are prepared and have all the equipment needed.   A strict protocol is in place to follow.  Patients who suspect they have the virus must not come into the surgery but should self-isolate and ring 111 and they will be given instructions on what they should do.


Rumour that Ash Surgery is closing.  This is just a rumour.  Ash Surgery is looking at future plans for an extension, as currently having to juggle rooms when other external services come in. Ash still has capacity for more patients.


DNAs (67) discussed.   It was noted that this figure has not changed.  Sue explained that this figure  is linked to the EMIS system and is not accurate at the moment due to a problem within the system.  Sue will look into.   


Text messages are sent out to patients who do not attend and who do not phone to cancel their appointment.  If a patient does not attend  on 3 occasions  during a 6 month period, a warning message will be sent out stating that they may be taken off the list.


Date of next meeting Wednesday, 10th June at 2.30 pm.








































































































































































































































Reports for Past Patient Reference Group Meetings




July 2015

Minutes from meeting attached here

Terms of Reference discussed at meeting attached here


November 2015

Minutes to Nov Meeting attached here




February 2016

Minutes to combined PPG meeting (The Butchery Surgery, Sandwich and Ash Surgery) available here


June 2016

Minutes to June Meeting attached here


September 2016

Minutes to September meeting attached here

Next of Kin: Understanding decision making authorities. You can access leaflet here

East Kent Better Health and Care document can be accessed here


December 16

We discussed a short paper on the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan available here

We discussed the new NHS Multi Speciality Provider model of care with a short introduction, available here and also the more professional Encompass Powerpoint Presentation which is attached here

The minutes to the Dec meeting are attached here




March  2017

The minutes to the meeting can be found here


July 2017

Issues discussed included

  • Reorganization at KCH (apparently temporary). For further information, see August Newsletter (copy here)
  • Changes at Wayfarers (info attached here)
  • Funding available from dementia fund for projects (info available here)
  • Proposed developments in Ash Village (see minutes)
  • The development of a "virtual" PPG group.

Minutes to the meeting are available here




March 2018

This meeting was a joint meeting between Ash Surgery and The Butchery, Sandwich Surgery.

The minutes to the meeting can be found here


June 2018

This meeting was held on Wednesday 13th June at Ash Surgery

It was a meeting of Ash PPG only.

The documents supporting the meeting included

Dr Armstrongs Notes on CQC Report of March 18 which can be found here

And Dr Armstrong Notes on On Line Access for Patients which can be found here

The minutes to the June 18 meeting can be found here


October 2018

This meeting was held on Wednesday 10th October at Ash Surgery

It was a meeting of Ash PPG only.

The minutes to the meeting can be found here


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